Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guard of Honour

Saturday night's game against the Saints was bitter-sweet for me. The loss was unexpected and painful to watch, although it seemed that St Kilda had more to play for. What was a highlight, however, was the opportunity I had to stand in the Carlton guard of honour as the players ran out on to the ground at the start of the game. Why was I out there? I was wondering that myself at the time.

My niece Sophie has received a call from the club earlier in week, asking if she would like to stand out on the ground before the game. Of course Sophie said yes, and I was expecting to just drop her at the players' race and wait for her to finish her duties. We stood waiting while the banner was raised, and then the kids were given the go-ahead to make their way onto the ground. I said to one of the organisers that I would just wait near the race for Sophie, and he told me that I was welcome to join the others in the line-up. So 10 seconds later, there I was standing in the guard of honour with the select few!

The experience helped take the sting out of the loss somewhat. Thanks, Carlton!

And so once more we embark on a do-or-die finals campaign. It is both exciting, and nerve-wracking! Stayed tuned for updates from training!

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